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OK Disney lovers, cast members and Orlando residents I NEED YOUR HELP


Please help me make my cousins’s wedding magical.

Here’s the thing:

My name is Marcelo and I live in São Paulo, Brazil.

In my family, we are 8 cousins on my maternal Grandma’s side. and we all grew up together, really close and we remain close today, we have lunch together sometimes, we have whatsapp group, anyway, WE’RE REALLY CLOSE.

And my oldest cousin, Mariana, is going to marry her fiancé, Bruno, on May 30th, and it’s the first marriage in the family for us and we are all really happy for them, it will be a huge party.

Bur there’s a sad part.

I’m taking a summer job at Walt Disney World and I leave to Orlando on May 26th, SO I WON’T BE PRESENT IN OUR FAMILY’S MOST SPECIAL EVENT AND A REALLY IMPORTANT THING TO ME. I’ve talked to her and she got a little upset but she understood that there was nothing I could do.

But I don’t want to just NOT BE THERE. I don’t want to not participate in my cousin’s wedding, I love her and she deserves a little (more) magic on her special day


Since I’m going to Disney World, and Disney has always been such a big part of all of us when we were growing up together, i want to make a surprise video for her, with a lot of Disney characters congratulating them on their wedding, sending lovely messages, wishing for their happiness and everything. Edit them all together, put a background selection of disney love songs and (i already have that arranged with my mom who is helping organize the ceremony) screen it for the couple and all the guests at the party, as a surprise gift from me.

I was planning on shooting the videos myself, but unfortunately I will only have access to the parks a few days AFTER her wedding.


I would like to ask you, people who are always at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom, to do this huge favor for me and record those videos of the face characters like Snow White, Aurora, Peter Pan, Elsa and Anna, everyone, for me (well, her).

Just short love messages from them (she is very fluent in english, so that’s not gonna be a problem, and I’m gonna edit the whole thing with subtitles for the guests who don’t understand it) for Mariana and Bruno. It would be even more amazing if i could get couples like Aurora and Phillip, Ariel and Eric, Rapunzel and Flynn,  Mary Poppins and Bert, I know those are hard, but if any of you finds an opportunity  it would be even more amazing.

And also we need the non-speaking characters as well, so getting mickey and minnie to make a heart with their hands, goofy to blow a kiss, stitch kissing the camera, all those things. (what also would be very touching for her would be if someone could get Daisy Duck, by herself, to do a little something, because our grandma is called Daisy and we are always comparing the two).

Whoever decides to help, I kinda need to ask to use something with a little quality, a nice camera or even iphones now have good video (if iphones, please horizontal, to make all fit the screen better)

I don’t have anything to offer like drawings or necklaces or anything, but since I’m going to work there in the summer, if you guys wanna meet I’d love to thank each one who helps personally.

I want to be present on my cousin’s most magical day, and if any of you finds the time to do it, it would mean that you too helped make her wedding even more special.

Message me if you’d like more info or if you want to help.

If you know anyone who is always going to the park or a cast member, please mention this to them. And if you want to help but doesn’t have that opportunity, reblogging always helps.

Thank you all for reading and have a magical day!

(And luisa, it was supposed to be a surprise for you too but since you follow me DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH I LVOE YOU BUT SHHHHHH)

guys, I appreciate all the messages and reblogs and nice words but so far I have zero videos ahahahhaha please spread this around, its very important to me :)






sorry for jumping on the bandwagon but i actually want to see that john green film just to see how many cigarettes he goes through i want to see if he reuses the same one or at what point decides it’s time to stub out his unlit cigarette and take out a new one how many packets does he go through a year who else has he told about this what if someone asks him for a lighter why does he keep using her full name

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Then you’re not that interested

that’s right

Can we make a petition for disney to include Kida in the princesses line up?



facts about other movies

"the first disney princess to be crowned quee—"


"the first disney princess to be crown—"


"the first dis—"


let’s try that again


1. HANS, KRISTOFF ANNA are the ones with the HCA names, Sven is just a common name and it doen’t work when you say it.

2. alo, nice that they brought a live reindeer to the studios AND YET SVEN IS 100% A FUCKING DOG

3. good to know that Let it Go is what ruined the whole snow Queen thing and brought us this 2 hour long toy and costume advertisement 

such a lovely boy

You're xuteeee



this bitch is doing it for the vine

It looks like she’s found it for her new born baby.


this bitch is doing it for the vine

It looks like she’s found it for her new born baby.