Final version of our Say Something cover.
Feel free to give feedback guys :D

I wrote a new song, but it’s in Portuguese so not much point posting it here, since the melody and chord progression are DEFINITELY not the focus. Hehe.
So just because I had my keyboard out, here’s and overly dramatic rendition of “Torn”

Messing Around with Almost There from The princess and the Frog (this one’s in portuguese)

One of my all time favourite Christmas songs

Jana Albuquerque & Celo Carvalho - If I Didn't Know Better
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I recorded If I Din’t Know BEtter with an amazing singer and dear friend Jana Albuquerque. problem is, she lives in another city, in another state, over 620 miles from São Paulo, so each had to record their part and we mixed it up later.

Oh, and she is also an incredible musician so she made the instrumental too.

More of my music here and here

Jana’s here 

My cover of Fade Into You, from Nashville

After months without a new song I’ve decided to go back to the piano today

Make a video of you singing in Spanish *0*
All Dead, All Dead - Queen, in spanish by Fito Paez
it took me a while because I was busy but there you go
my spanish is probably terrible, so I tried my best at mimicking the accent of the guy who recorded this
I always loved this song and when I found this Spanish version I thought it was perfect for this 
I make a weird face at the end because the instrumental track did’t match the lyric I was reading so I stopped it right there too
Marcelo Carvalho - Miss Celie's Blues (Sister)
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Me singing Miss Celie’s Blues, from Color Purple

I was talking to a friend of mine and she’s this incredibly talented musician, she went to berklee and she’s amazing, anyway, she said I should explore things more jazzy and bluesy for my voice and to shine more in the lows and I started rehearsing this and I like how it’s turning out :D 

Im just experimenting and seeing how my voice sounds in places I’ve never tried to sing.. idk, i like it

the instrumental I found on youtube

My cover of one of my favourites Smiths songs

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So I was walking around  and inspiration hit me and I wrote a song about a couple I imagined :D

(would you guys take a look at the english, grammar, and stuff like that for me? :D)

We Should Dance
Celo Carvalho

Since the first time that I saw you
I decided not to spoil 
Any chance that I might have to call you mine

So I kept it all a secret 
Hoping you someday would see it 
How we’re meant to be together you and I

I played it safe 
So you wouldn’t run away 
But I kept it all inside for way too long

What a mistake 
I should just come out and say 
What I think we should be doing for so long 

We should dance, you an me 
Any time, can’t you see? 
That we should dance 
Oh, it’s so clear 
Forget the world, you should be dancing with me.