Rory, Amy, Fem!11 and and River

Rory, Amy, Fem!11 and and River

Let me get this straight. So YOU’RE my daughter?

Let me get this straight. So YOU’RE my daughter?



So, this saturday (tomorrow) Brazil is having it’s very first Whovian con! 



We were thinking and it would be super duper awesome if we could get some of the actors and/or writers to give a little hello to the fans at the con.

HOW? you may ask. And i answer:

In a video form.

So we are tweeting people like Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Steven Moffat, and Billie, Barrowman, Russel, Jenna… And asking them to record a short video just giving a Hello to all Brazilian Fans who love them so much.

WHAT DOES THAT CONCERN ME? you shout at me

Well, YOU can help! Yes you! Here’s what you should do:

  • Get on twitter and tell the actors about it and ask them to do it and DON’T FORGET TO USE THE #GallifreyCon HASHTAG.
  • Reblog this post to ensure that people from every continent get’s to see it and spread the word
  • Knock 4 times on a table
  • Eat a banana either you’re at a party or not
  • Dance

See? it’s easy! 

And here are some of the twitter you can ask:

Karen (Amy Pond) - 

Arthur (Rory Pond) - 

Moffat (Evil Genius) -  

So please, helps us all to get this little treat for the fans, and don’t forget the hashtag #GallifreyCon and to reblog this :D

Thank you so so so much


so maybe, she didn’t die at Silence at the Library… you know, because of what she is..?